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About Us

just.news is created by a editorial team that curates the news from reputable international sources to present them in quick and factual videos in the app.

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We are about the news, not about opinion. We bring you just the news you need.

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just.news is not social media. Our editorial team carefully selects and edits every news item to give you the facts.

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We know your time is valuable, so we present the news in short, clear clips. What we call just.news.

Our Purpose Statement

The world is in constant flux. The consequences of the pandemic, war in Europe, tensions in U.S. politics, climate change, the energy transition. Reporting about events like these is necessary, but all too often immensely polarizing. Are you for or against? Left or right? Walking the middle path feels like a mortal sin. More than ever, we need facts to build our views upon. But who can we trust? What’s a fact, what’s fiction? Well, there’s a way to find out. It’s just.news. We have created just.news as a service that focuses on the basic facts. Nothing more, nothing less. Ultra short videos containing the most urgent current events. Stripped of all the fluffiness, all the opinions and all the (mis)leading explanations, what’s left are the facts. This is our contribution to bringing our divided society back together. Because shared facts are the start of shared solutions. “Are we going to make the news boring again?” a colleague wanted to know. Yes, we will. But rest assured: we’ll do it in such a way that you will never again want to go back. just.news - Just the news you need - in minutes.


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